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Kickstart Your Power

Kickstart Your Power

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This self guided mini course is designed to help you rise about your fear and self doubt and allow you to shine bright as the confident, empowered version of yourself you desire to be.

***Within 12-24hrs of purchase of Kickstart Your Power you will be emailed full access to all the course materials that you can do at your own pace.

There is so much uncertainty in the world right now, but one thing we do have control over is our mindset.

If you're ready to:

- gain control of your thoughts and get out of a funk that's keeping you feeling stuck from going after what you really want in life,

- dive deeper into the reasons why you have been letting fear and self doubt be in the driver seat, and are ready to overcome negative thinking patterns,

- create rock solid habits that keep you feeling confident, positive, empowered and less worried, scared and out of control,

Then this course is for you.

What if...

- you learned how to let go of the old stories that you're not good enough, smart enough or confident enough to do what you want in life. What if you felt confident and empowered to create what you do want and took action on claiming it.

- you started putting your own needs first and didn't feel massive guilt around doing so. You were no longer exhausted everyday, left with no time for yourself and feeling resentful about it.

- you had a rock solid routine full of powerful tools and accountability to keep you on track.

- you felt more calm in times of uncertainty and had a more positive frame of mind.

- you felt confident in your decisions, more motivated and in control of how your days unfolded.

Through 5 self paced modules you will:
1. Uncover your limiting beliefs: These exercises will guide you to look at your beliefs and uncover the reasons why you might be holding yourself back and feeling the way you currently do.
2. Write your new story: You will be guided through an excerise to write a new powerful story that will keep you focused and motivated feeling more confident and empowered. You will be able to apply this to any area of your life and use this tool over and over again.
3. Discover your money mindset: In this bonus module guest coach Emily King - The Rich Woman, will help you take a look at your money mindset. This can have a huge impact on the limitations we place on ourselves.
4. Create a rock solid routine: Learn many techniques to create a rock solid routine that will keep you on track, feeling more empowered and WANTING to get out of bed in the morning.
5. Wrapping things up: Be on your way to kickstarting your power! As the course comes to an end you will leave equipped with tools and bonus resources to implement what you have learned immediately.

A message from the course creator Meagan Cole:

I remember feeling the same way as you are right now. It wasn't that long ago that I found myself stuck in a negative place unsure how to turn things around. I really wanted more for myself, for my life, but I didn't know how to change things.I was resistant to self development but it was because I didn't know enough about it.

I dipped my toes into a community that saw more in me then I saw in myself and they taught me about the importance of investing in myself. That if I wanted my life to look different I had to get uncomfortable, learn more about the tools available to me and lean into the guidance provided by mentors.

I am so grateful for the first self development book I picked up, the first course I invested in, the first mentor I had because without all of that I would be in the exact same place as I was a few years ago.

The change you want in your life starts with a simple decision that you get to make, a decision to gain the resources that will help younavigate your journey as you create the life you truly desire.

I created this program as a foundation to put you on the path that I have been on and continue to rely on everyday asI live my dream life. Will you join me?

When you purchase Kickstart Your Power you will be emailed full access to all the course materials that you can do at your own pace within 12-24 hrs.

Reach out to riseup.shinebright.ca@gmail.com with any questions.